Package Sewage Treatment Plant

We offer moving bed bio film reactor/ Fluidized Media Bio Reactor using attached growth process for waste water treatment by providing Biomass Media with Larger surface and hence less area for civil is needed.

As compared to conventional technologies, MBBR/FMBR are compact, energy efficient and user friendly.

The Fluidized Media Carrier material allows high biomass concentrations per cubic meter of material which:

  • Significant reduction in space due to high surface area and loading rates of media.
  • No diffuser grids required inside the sewage tanks & hence neat & clean system to maintain.
  • Use of Oil & grease eating strains for oil & grease removal
  • Option of upgrading to MBR as well as enhancing the capacity of the plant without increase in plot area
  • Submersible floating or side mounted aerators for extremely easy maintenance.


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